Remote Support

 Our technicians can connect to your computer from our office and provide software support. We will take control of your keyboard and mouse and troubleshoot your problem without being present. Having the ability to remotely troubleshoot problems allows us to provide software support in a timely and efficient manner.To begin a remote service call please call our office and ensure a technician is available to help you. The technician will then provide you with the steps required to establish a connection with our office. Once connected we will then be able to take control of your workstation and troubleshoot problems without having to come to your location.
   Remote support is billed in half hour increments at $37.50 per half with a minimum of one half hour. By initiating a remote support connections you must agree to these billing terms. To be eligible for remote support you must be an existing customer of Direct Computer with a reputable payment history.

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments you can email our service department at, or call our office at 419-215-8424.